Under writers


15 Sep 2021



Full Time


1 - 2 years

Hiring for under writers – Mortgage background
Nos of open positions-2
Non Voice
Timing 9:30 pm to 5:30 am (US Market) 
Out stations also will do
Must Know
What is collection accounts
How many mortgage payments are allowed to default And their limit
Waiting period for all chapters
Borrower is self employed with s corporation explain
What is definition of Garnishment
Types of property and comparable explain in detail
IRA income qualification
Condo questionnaire
1.Zoning on appraisal, what is legal confirming and legal non confirming,  2.three types of approach for appraisal and explain them,
3. do you require terms of withdrawal for reserves,
4. how do we calculate liquidity ratio
5. Solar lien if it is at closing
6. Surface and subsurface
7. Public utility and private utilities on appraisal